Sultan Bahoo Biography

This article gives a very brief insight into ''The Sultan Bahoo biography and Sultan Bahoo life''.
  • When Sultan Bahoo was born?

According to the authentic biographies of Sultan ul Arifeen, he was born on Thursday, 1st Jumada ath-thani 1039 AH (17th January, 1630 AD) at the time of dawn (Fajr) salat.

  • Importance of His Name

According to the biographers on ‘Sultan Bahoo life’, his mother Bibi Rasti was informed about his name before his birth through inspiration. Therefore, she named him ‘Bahoo’ as per Divine command. It means ‘with Hoo’. Hoo is Ism e Allah Zaat.

  • Was mother of Sultan Bahoo informed about Sultan Bahoo’s birth?

Bibi Rasti was a Saintly woman. She always remained absorbed in Divine vision. According to an authentic biography of Sultan Bahoo, she was informed about his birth well before time.

  • Genealogy

As per Sultan Bahoo biography, his genealogy goes back to Ali ibn Abi Talib. He belongs to his progeny from wives other than Fatimah bint Mohammad.

Sultan Bahoo biography – Awan Tribe

In the preface of all his books Sultan Bahoo introduces himself as “Awan”.  In his book Noor-ul-Huda Kalan, he says: “The writer of this book, Sarwari Qadri Faqeer Bahoo Fana-Fi-Hoo, son of Bazayad Mohammad, commonly known as Awan, resident of Qilla Shor (Shorkot, may Allah save it from all troubles and chaos) always says the truth.”

  • Research on Sultan Bahoo life

As far as research on Sultan Bahoo biography is concerned, Sultan ul Ashiqeen Mohammad Najib ur Rehman made a comprehensive research on his life and all related aspects of his life.

  • Spiritual Bayat

An incident regarding spiritual bayat of Sultan Bahoo is narrated in history of Sultan Bahoo life. To read the complete incident visit the link:

In short, Ali Ibn Abi Talib took him to the Mohammadan Assembly. Then Sultan Bahoo swore oath of allegiance on the sacred hands of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Afterwards the Holy Prophet assigned him to Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani for further spiritual training.

  • Exoteric Bayat

According to the biography of Sultan Bahoo, he swore outward oath on the hands of Sayyid Abdul Rehman Jilani Dehlvi. He was Sultan Bahoo’s spiritual guide who bestowed him the Divine Trust after himself.

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