Karamat of Sultan Bahoo

Karamat of Sultan Bahoo (Sultan Bahoo miracles) is a topic of interest and why not! They are very enlightening and tells about his spiritual powers.

Miracles in general

Miracle is a special power bestowed by Allah on his special and sacred men. Miracles by Prophets are called mujiza and should not be confused by those performed by Saints which are popularly called Karamat.

So Karamat is the word we will be using many a times in this article but you will love what you read. But first and importantly so, miracles are both physical and visible or intangible and invisible. People see what they believe and what eyes see is the most common type of miracle because it is for all, even for those who do not believe in the Saint. Yet the most special ones are that which transforms the entire personality of a person, even so the person himself is amazed at what he knows about his own personality and the one his spiritual master gave to him.

It is common and believed worldwide that no one can change the nature of a person but this belief is turned upside down in Sufism and its perfection is found in Sarwari Qadri order. In this Sufi order, the person’s vile, dislikeable, immoral and unethical values etc. are vanquished and a new person appears even in front of his dear ones.

No. # 1 Karamat of Sultan Bahoo – He could convert anyone to Islam

Anyone who looked at his face recited shahada there and then and accepted Islam. It is the most famous karamat of Sultan Bahoo. The tradition everyone knows is that it left insecurity among Non-Muslim communities so much so that they requested Sultan Bahoo’s father to announce before his son steps outside. Everyone has seen his tomb. Divine lovers wish to see his countenance. Those who believe and beheld their spiritual guide with all the faith are said to see glimpse of Sultan Bahoo himself but this is possible only in Sarwari Qadri order of Sultan Bahoo and the guide should be perfect and accomplished like Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman.

Second Karamat of Sultan Bahoo in this class of Sultan Bahoo miracles is that he could raise spiritual ranks of his disciples by just his sacred glance and could convert anyone to Islam. His glance held so much power that to list a few he could annihilate anyone in Allah and then the person’s being after immortality became the manifestation of Lord Himself. An illiterate is turned into a renowned scholar as well as he could make union with the Beloved, Allah, possible in the blink of an eye without involving one in tiresome mystic struggles or seclusions.

No. # 2 Karamat of Sultan Bahoo – Turning water of lake from bitter to sweet

A Sufi was passing by Kallar Kahar, when he requested for some water from women of the village. They lied that water was bitter so he can’t have it. When those women reached home they found that water had in actual turned bitter. Men searched for the Sufi and requested to forgive the ignorant lot and turn water of the lake sweet again which had also turned bitter.

The Sufi replied he had not the power to turn bitter into sweet. One day Sultan of Mystics himself will pass by this area. They should request him.

Now after many years, when villagers heard that a Saint had been offering fasts and prayers in a nearby cave and had put a single glance on the deer and the dervish who could not tolerate and died on the spot, they presented their request. Sultan Bahoo while still at his place threw a stone at foot of the lake which when touched it a spring sprouted. The water of the spring is sweet and clean. This Karamat of Sultan Bahoo is also eternal and like the spring lives to date.

No. # 3 Karamat of Sultan Bahoo – 140 Books despite being unschooled

Like the compassionate lord of the universe, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), Sultan Bahoo did not get any worldly education. Still he is the author of 140 books and that is the most astonishing and astounding karamat of Sultan Bahoo. 32 of his books are available in market. Thirty-one are in the language of the time which was Persian and one in Punjabi.

Sultan Bahoo claims in his books that whoever reads them with respect, and wish to love Allah above all, to simply put it request for Faqr (Sufism) then Sultan Bahoo’s soul itself guides him to the true Imam of his Sufi order. Many have witnessed this Karamat of Sultan Bahoo.

No. # 4: A tree itself moved a few feet from the door of his shrine

A tree was outside the door of Sultan Bahoo’s shrine. People faced difficulty while passing through the door but no one thought it fit to cut it because of respect. After all it’s the tree of Bahoo’s shrine. Unfortunately one day a blind man hit it and was severely injured. People planned of cutting it but miraculously the next day it was nowhere near the gate rather it had moved a few feet apart.

Sultan Bahoo had power over not only mankind but rest as well. This karamat of Sultan Bahoo earned the tree a title of its own. Check website https://www.sultan-bahoo.com/ to know the detail.

No. # 5 Karamat of Sultan Bahoo – the art of alchemy

Once a poor Sayyid who had a large family to support was worried due to financial crisis. To resolve this issue he thought that only an accomplished Fakir’s prayer in his favour could turn the events of his life. So with this in mind he started serving a Fakir / Sufi who after a few days of service asked him that what he seek was. He with gratitude told his plight to which the Sufi replied that Sultan Bahoo who dwelled in Shorkot could make that happen. It is one of ‘Sultan Bahoo miracles’. When he reached Shorkot, he asked neighborhood to tell him where is Sultan Bahoo. Everyone he met told that they knew Sultan Bahoo as a farmer and not a Dervish Fakir. He was quite disheartened and decided to leave for home. Bahoo heard his inward sorrows through his spiritual powers and called him himself. Now Karamat of Sultan Bahoo is alchemy as he knew it but ‘the alchemy’ which he himself favoured was to turn eternal unfortunates into lovers of Allah. He initially refused that he even had such a power. The poor Sayyid after tiresome journey saw no solution to his troubles became angry and cried that being a Sayyid himself he is begging from a farmer! Sultan Bahoo in rage threw a stone in hand which when touched every stone on the ground turned into gold. This Karamat of Sultan Bahoo left the Sayyid terrified and he started begging from him to forgive for his rude demeanour. Sultan Bahoo forgave him and told him to pick the gold and leave quietly. He further added that no one should hear of this incidence.