Sarwari Qadri Silsila /Order

Sarwari Qadri order is the Qadri order of Ghaus e Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Then what’s the difference between his Qadri order and Sarwari Qadri order of Sultan Bahoo?

The difference between Qadri order and Sarwari Qadri order

Let’s dive into the background. Sultan Bahoo is the 25th spiritual master of Qadri order. When he saw that pseudo guides of his age vandalizing the name of Qadri order to get fame and money, he changed the name of this order as Sarwari Qadri order. Changing name is not a new factor in Sufi orders and it also does not always imply that it is an offshoot or branch of the order.

There is a Sarwari Qadri order chain at the end of this page. Everyone will deem it accurate uptil Sultan Bahoo (we have provided the link proving the accuracy of others down below as well). Let’s check the 4th name. It is Shaikh Habib Ajmi and he named this order once Ajmiyya order. The 6th spiritual guide in this chain Shaikh Maroof Karkhi named it as Karkhiya order. Moreover if we move further down the chain to 7th spiritual guide, then you can recall from studies of Sufism that he named the order Saqtiyya order. The famous Murshid, Shaikh Junayd of Baghdad named it Junaydiyya order. When this order reached Ghaus e Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, he removed all the heretic and blasphemous practices of the time and accumulated the pure Sufi teachings in Qadri order which got the name after Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani himself.

In a nutshell, it has become quite clear that changing name of the same order is not new. It’s done before.


Sultan Bahoo who is the perfect spiritual guide says about Sarwari Qadri:

  • The final level of any mystic way cannot even touch the initial level of the Sarwari Qadri. What is the initial level of Sarwari Qadri? It is that the perfect Qadri spiritual guide drowns the true seeker of Allah in the Divine light of gnosis of Allah and grants him the presence of Mohammadan Assembly just by his glance or by the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat or by the invocation of shahada or by his spiritual attention. This is the first day lesson of the Qadri followers. The spiritual guide who neither knows this lesson nor takes his disciples to the holy assembly is not the perfect Qadri spiritual guide. His state of spiritual ecstasy is just his vain thought. The true Qadri disciples are eternally drowned in the Divine light of gnosis and union with Allah. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

All of Sultan Bahoo books stress the importance of Sarwari Qadri. Secondly, the Sarwari Qadri disciples are in themselves the best examples of those who love Allah above everything else but it does not mean that they quit normal life and opt for jungles like some other orders. Monastic lifestyle is strictly not the case of Sarwari Qadri and Islam strictly prohibits it as well. Lastly but most importantly are Sarwari Qadri spiritual guides whose names have stood the test of time and their mausoleums also shower blessings and beneficence.

Present Shaikh of Sarwari Qadri order

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman

The present spiritual Sarwari Qadri master and guide is Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman. To know more about him visit:

Many people outside Pakistan have pledged allegiance (Al-bayah / bayat) to him. He has brought into light the biographies and teachings of many Sarwari Qadri Pir. He grants invocation and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat on the first day of allegiance.


  1. Prophet Mohammad
  2. Ali ibn Abi Talib
  3. Shaikh Hasan of Basra
  4. Shaikh Habib Ajmi
  5. Shaikh Dawud Tai
  6. Shaikh Maroof Karkhi
  7. Shaikh Sirri Saqti
  8. Shaikh Junayd of Baghdad
  9. Shaikh Jafar Abu Bakr Shibli
  10. Shaikh Abdul Aziz bin Hars bin Asad Tamimi
  11. Shaikh Abu-al-Fazal Abdul Wahid Tamimi
  12. Shaikh Mohammad Yousaf Abu-al-Farrah Tartusi
  13. Shaikh Abu Al-Hasan Ali Bin Mohammad Qureshi Hankari
  14. Shaikh Abu Saeed Mubarak Makhzoomi
  15. Al-Ghawth al-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani
  16. Shaikh Sayyid Abdul Razzaq Jilani
  17. Shaikh Sayyid Abdul Jabbar Jilani
  18. Shaikh Sayed Mohammad Sadiq Yahya
  19. Shaikh Sayyid Najmuddin Burhan Puri
  20. Shaikh Sayyid Abdul Fattah
  21. Shaikh Sayed Abdul Sattar
  22. Shaikh Sayyid Abdul Baqqa
  23. Shaikh Sayyid Abdul Jaleel
  24. Shaikh Sayed Abdul Rehman Jilani Dehlvi
  25. Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan Bahoo
  26. Sultan-ul-Tarikeen Sultan Sayyid Mohammad Abdullah Shah Madni Jilani
  27. Sultan-ul-Sabireen Sultan Pir Mohammad Abdul Ghafoor Shah Hashmi Qureshi.
  28. Shahbaz-e-Arifaan Sultan Pir Sayyid Mohammad Bahadur Ali Shah Kazmi al-Mashhadi.
  29. Sultan-ul-Auliya Sultan Mohammad Abdul Aziz
  30. Sultan-ul-Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali
  31. Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman

To know more about Sarwari Qadri Saints from Sultan Bahoo till present spiritual guide Sultan ul Ashiqeen visit here:

Initial level of Sarwari Qadri

Sultan Bahoo says:

The initial level of a true Qadri follower is that he views the spectacle of everything from the Throne till the nether regions due to his closeness to Allah and visits every sphere between them. It is the lowest of all the great levels attained by a Sarwari Qadri seeker. Or, the status of Sarwari Qadri seeker is that he is perfect inwardly and veritable practitioner outwardly. Veritable practitioner is the one who has entire knowledge of the part and the Whole and who knows how to elaborate them. Inwardly perfect is the one who knows the secrets of gnosis of Allah and whose eyes of inward, soul and secret are blessed with the candid vision of Allah. He can see everything pertaining to the creation and the Creator present in the worlds or beyond the worlds by the power of Allah Almighty. (Qurb e Deedar)